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elbert vaca MD

every branding or rebranding process at ARA goes like this:

we have a first meeting with our client for brand studies, that takes from 1 to 2 hours. in that meeting we learn the client's story, his goals, the aesthetics that match the vision of his brand, and what he needs.  which means, its a big analysis of what the client has going on today and what he wants to develop or improve with our help.

based of that, our team starts its magic developing whatever the client need - it ususally take 1 month - and after all, we present a conclusion of our studies with the recommendation of what to do with the brand, strategically speaking, and also presenting visual solutions.

so, after DR ELBERT VACA MD came to us and we went though this process, here's the results:

[ARA] website banner (2).jpg

plus, we developed a complete INSTAGRAM FEED & STORIES CALENDAR, and we carefully thought out a public relations + events strategy.

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