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intelly house

INTELLY HOUSE is a high-end home automation company, creating and executing personalized smart house projects. with 25 years of experience in the sector in Brazil, Intelly House moved to the US in 2018 and had the goal of achieving a 30% revenue growth, increasing its average ticket, and also reaching out to american architects, since its clientele was made mainly of brazilian architects.

new communication strategy

first, the new communication plan improved the current DTC (direct to consumer) strategy, talking to the final consumer with a new, clearer, and palpable vocabulary.

then, we added a B2B (business to business) strategy, scratching the bilingual communication and making it 100% written in English, focusing our message to reach architects, designers, and real estate professionals and not the final consumer.


in order to increase the average ticket, we updated the brand, modernizing the colors, the logo, and the entire visual identity.

[IH] business analysis 2021.png

we kept the house and the wi-fi signal because they do tell the story of what INTELLY HOUSE is.
but, while the “what” was there, the “how” was not. the golden color aimed for a luxury feel, but the old gradient-colored logo wasn't doing that. So, aiming for a clean, elegant feel, we worked exclusively with BLACK and WHITE - using gray as a support color when necessary - and made the lines thinner and straight to the point to give it a sharp look.

new website

the new website was developed with a minimalist visual identity, providing an interactive and immersive experience with a lot of movement, reflecting the company’s high-tech expertise.

[ara] website banner M.png
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