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little brazil

LITTLE BRAZIL  is a restaurant known and respected all around miami for its 12 years of history providing the experience of a true brazilian gastronomy through a structured menu with some of the classic recipes that everybody loves.

new communication strategy

our job was to create an identity that leveled up the visuals and the communication of the restaurant. so, we came up with a brand new concept, from the logo to the aesthetics in general.


the visual concept of the new logo embraces fluidity and elegance. the elongated and fluid details of the font are inspired by the movements of nature manifesting on brazilian soil: the rivers, the sand of the beaches, the rhythm of the waters.


the brazilian flag is painted with the colors green, blue, yellow and white. green and yellow are often used to represent the country, and it was also presented in the old logo. we wanted to use the blue as a way to run a little bit from the obvious, and also, to focus on other aspects such as tranquility and comfort. 


our team developed a unique, classic and elegant print inspired by the monochromatic paintings of the brazilian plastic artist lorena moreira and the mural of bacardi tower, created by francisco brennand. our print turned out to be blue and white, with 26 elements that truly represents each one of the states of brazil.


as always, we wanted to make sure that every detail involving the restaurant was up to the new standards, so we trained the entire team to know all about the new concept and new identity, created a whole new stationary with menu, table tent, business card, postcards, signs and everything else that should have little brazil’s new identity.

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