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my hub management

MY HUB management is a property management boutique company specialized in long-term rentals and holiday homes. located in Central Florida, the company is known for taking care of investment properties with the utmost care and dedication.

new communication strategy

the new strategy combines the idea to increase engagement with customers by strengthening content production, as we can see those posts engage well today, and bringing news, so that MY HUB MGMT's reach in Orlando can grow gradually and organically, among an investors' niche.


the aesthetic change was thought to maintain the feminine touch, but in a stronger and more professional tone, as a highlight in the brand image strategy. We also brought a more artistic aesthetic reference combined with marked forms, as a way to introduce the architectural part of the company.


in the work of building the new identity of MY HUB MANAGEMENT, we based ourselves on one of the greatest artistic and architectural movements of all times: modernism. modernism represents the break with standards and the yearning for innovation. in it we find the motivation to break with traditionalism and make room for practicality. INNOVATIVE AND PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS. thus arrives MY HUB INVESTMENT, a company of strong Brazilian women, who embrace functionalism, creativity and practicality, breaking away from the limiting preconceived models and integrating everything that is most valuable to our routine.

The choice of colors was thought out according to the history, tastes and personalities of the members. The darker color tones were chosen with the intention of passing on more credibility to potential customers. We find it the perfect match between femininity, strenght and sophistication, but without losing the delicacy.

BURGUNDY brings a more sophisticated and serious tone, symbolizing ambition, wealth, and power.

GRAY means timeless and versatile, making it a great partner to a wide variety of colors and often used in interior design to create a contemporary and sophisticated feel.

NUDE is neutrality and the perfect touch of sobriety in a company that is seriously committed to its values and mission.


new website

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