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VAN LIFE FEVER is not only a travel tip instagram page.

and we are not only digital influencers.



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the soul
the copilot
the first one to jump


known for running projects for Bazaar for Good, Fendi Casa, Roca, Cia Maritima and others.

owner of ara creative ideas


the heart
the storyteller
the goofy


creative mind behind projects like Hope Dies Last, Freedom, Polling Life, and others.

owner of ara creative ideas

March 2020. For many small marketing agencies, there were no alternatives but pausing or shutting down its operations. For them it was the opposite.


Seeing that big cities would explode in cases forcing the dull and mentally challenging life of lockdowns, they bought a van and built a home (and an office) in it. Left MIA, heading to LA, staying at remote locations where the possibilities for social contact were scarce but for digital content were abundant. Started sharing their discoveries and dilemmas on a profile called VAN LIFE FEVER and suddenly realized: they had become a threat in the digital influencers world.


If usually the brands need to insert themselves in the influencer’s logic and spend a lot of time figuring out the best idea to do that, Lu and Ed can present a less consuming, more fruitful option: they have the brains to design a savvy strategy that will be mutually beneficial for your brand and for their audience, the vision to execute it with quality, and professional mileage to deliver it in time and with care.

courageous, approachable, practical

Their content inspire people to get out there, face their fears, believe in their dreams; to live a more conscious present life. They do that through storytelling - balancing humor, drama, information and aspiration - and by being down to earth, checking their ego and privileges so they never have to talk down or look up to their followers; same level and always seeking to make eye contact.


To make this content reach everyone, in 2021 they are creating content for every social media platform.

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INSTAGRAM: Their “Netflix series”! Daily episodes posted on stories, travel tips in the feed and cool reels about the van life.

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SPOTIFY: to bring followers along the journey, they create music playlists based on the vibes of the places they visit. in the future: a podcast!


TWITCH: Food oriented. Daily streams showing what they’re cooking in the van or when they try local restaurants.


BLOG: detailed content about all of their adventures. places they visited, van life tips and more.


TIKTOK: daily post with “how to”s, DIY, van life curiosities, destination tips and much more.


YOUTUBE: all episodes ready to binge-watch (or for those who missed it on instagram!).

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PINTEREST: Boards curating van life tips: from decor to places to visit; from food to spots to camp.


TWITTER: Repeater from Instagram feed posts and scarce announcements


FACEBOOK: Repeater from all social media.

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