immigrants have rights


“FREEDOM” is an 8 times worldwide winner independent short film from ara creative ideas and percario productions. written by EDUARDO ALBUQUERQUE, directed by the duo YURI+ANA and starring GISELLE ITIÉ. produced by LUISA ACOSTA and SABRINA PERCARIO, the film was about the 2019 immigration crisis and 100% made of “foreigners” bothered by the cruel, inhumane way the immigration policies were being handled. this short film was ARA’s way to protest and lend our voices to people that have none.

the idea was to show that the concept of freedom is not unknown, but used for every other purpose other than humanity. these words seem fine if this was a car ad, but we dared to talk about real people having their freedom taken away.

all of the crew worked for free – investing money out of their pocket – due only to the belief that this was a story that needed to be told. sadly, still to this day, it remains a very relevant movie.