ara creative ideas is the coolest communication agency in MIAMI (so we’ve been told). coming from various brazilian and american backgrounds; cultural nuances, consumer behavior, and industry trends are at the core of our existence. and what we take into account to ensure brands resonate with the desired market while maintaining its authentic essence.


lay the foundation for your business with a distinct brand identity to set yourself apart with a strong and memorable brand presence.

we craft for you a compelling narrative, defining your brand’s personality and visual elements. 

humanize your brand, engage with your audience, and build trust. 

our social media is a constant work beside you involving a strategy that leverage algorithms, analytics, and trends to create meaningful connections and drive loyalty.

present your brand with impactful and creative campaigns tailored to your goals and your audience.

whether it’s boosting awareness, expanding your client base, or launching a new product, our creative team delivers unforgettable campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive results.

at ARA there is never a boring event! no more struggling to make people excited to go to company events and share them with the world.

from concept, to design, to production, we take care of all of the ends to create a cohesive, well planned and MEMORABLE event.

amplify your brand’s visibility and credibility with the hottest currency on the internet: influencers and celebrities. 

we connect you with strategic partners that align with your brand’s values, expanding your reach and creating a powerful impact in your industry.

your digital storefront speaks volumes (and so does not having one…)

we design visually stunning websites that not only reflect your brand identity but also provide a seamless user experience. from aesthetics to functionality, we ensure your website captivates the audience into spending more time with you.



our mission is to break
away from the obvious!
we understand that strategic communication goes beyond the conventional. we ensure that your message is clear and impactful.

visual identity

we tell stories through your brand's visual identity. we combine creativity and technique to make your brand stand out, convey trust, and have a unique personality.

reliable and strong

our network of contacts established over the years creates opportunities to expand your brand's reach in Miami. this trusted network is crucial for minimizing risks in expanding your company into the American market.

knowledge of the
miami market

staying on top of local trends is essential for the success of any business in Miami. our market knowledge allows us to adapt specific strategies to meet the preferences of the Miami and US audience.

creative ideas

innovation and creativity are part of our purpose. we capture your audience's attention in an original way and deliver a surprising experience.


we believe in the importance of creating communities for your brand. we devise strategies to create lasting bonds between your consumers and your company.

feedback by martha graeff,fashion and philanthropic influencer
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“ara has taken my projects to another level by creating a unique strategy lead by super creative professionals that understand the identity of my brand.”
feedback by rodrigo branco,entrepreneur and tv presenter
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“as long as i’ve known luisa, she has always embodied passion and determination to get things done in the best way possible for me and everyone i’ve ever worked with. her team is a clear continuation of that and i trust ara for everything.”
feedback by jeremy ardity and thomas duport,montreux jazz festival miami
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“nilton is great by the way!” “you’re a legend!”
feedback by ana faria e sandro carvalho,little brazil
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“I can't say enough good things about our experience with ARA. from the get-go, they've been absolutely incredible. not only did they manage to take our abstract ideas and turn them into tangible results, but they also brought a level of elegant creativity and innovation to the table that completely exceeded our expectations.”
feedback by ana faria e sandro carvalho,little brazil
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“having ARA onboard was a game-changer for us. they injected a fresh energy into our business and helped us navigate through some of our most prosperous and exciting times yet. every project we collaborated on was not only successful but also fun and enjoyable—a testament to their professionalism and ability to foster a positive working environment.
feedback by ana faria e sandro carvalho,little brazil
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“overall, our partnership with ARA has been nothing short of phenomenal. they've not only helped us achieve our goals but also made the journey incredibly enjoyable along the way. if you're looking for a marketing company that goes above and beyond to make your visions a reality, look no further.”
feedback by talita pinheiro,compass
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“they always bring a lot of creativity to our photo shoots and all the event ideas we have, we never do anything without ara because it really makes a difference, the care they have for us, the support at every event, and the guidance, especially from Luisa, are what set them apart.”
feedback by dr josé cury,plastic surgeon creator of the COLLAD lipo HD/LAD technique
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“what can I say about this wonderful team? I would say that having ARA today taking care of my company gives me the security and certainty that success is guaranteed. this brings me a lot of peace of mind, especially for me who has experienced countless disappointments with companies and professionals who promised but didn't deliver the main thing: results.”
feedback by marie-laure desnoulez,bichon
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“ara is an excellent marketing agency with a breeding ground of talents: from the founder to the creative director, data analyst... they're experts in their palm, not to mention they're also beautiful human beings! the agency covers a wide range of marketing services, they deliver qualitative campaigns and care about concrete results. they know that KPI matters, they focus on converting these campaigns into sales.”