swimweek cover

miami vibes magazine

the june miami vibes mag cover is directed and produced by us!!!

miami vibes translates the  diversity of miami with an assortment of vibes  from the city.

directed by our own LUISA ACOSTA with SERGIO SILVA and MICHELLE CADARI, this cover was so fun from the concept, to the outfits, to the actual shooting and finally to the perfect results. 

keywords: #campaign

starring JULIETTE PORTER, miami model and entrepreneur, the main concept of this campaign was to portrait the swim week fun colorfull and fashion vibe adding a “miami vice 80’s” athmosphere . juliette is a 80’s miami hottie living a dreamy beach life that the city is know for.

after understanting that for this cover we couldn’t just do beach for swimweek, we followed our star through her days living in miami. we divided the story we wanted to tell in three different vibes, locations, looks and taglines. 

top: personal archive
pants: custom for miami vibes
shoes: juliana heels
sunglasses: kopajos
scarf: personal archive 
accessories: flow acessorios
sunglasses: kopajos
swim suit: JMP the label
shoes: juliana heels
accessories: flow acessorios
dress: personal archive
swimsuit: JMP the label
sunglasses: kopajos
shoes: juliana heels
accessories: flow acessorios

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miami vibes mag cover produced by ara


full looks assembled by small designers


people working to make this cover possible

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the dream team


creative direction: luisa acosta, sergio silva, michelle cadari
model: juliette porter
styling: sergio silva
photo: michelle cadari
video: bruna torralba
makeup: andrea wolf
hair: diego xavier
special thanks: cybil bonhomme 
executive direction: ara creative ideas


from concept to post-production, we crafted the entire vision for the shoot, assembled a dream team, and ensured everyone felt at ease bringing it to life.

every look was handpicked from personal archives and to showcase and celebrate talented small designers.

together with miami vibes mag team we took care of the distribution of this campaign: the photo selection, social media content, online and printed magazine.