overcoming imposter syndrome: powerful strategies to reclaim your confidence

how to cope when you can’t find a way out of the spiral

we already talked about how to turn imposter syndrome in your favor here, but we don’t live in a perfect world, so, yes, it’s a difficult task. it may seem even impossible. that’s when you need to learn to cope with the feeling and rationalize the thoughts that come to your mind.

quick disclaimer: SCHEDULE THAT SESSION! therapy is the right and ideal form of dealing with the complex human being that you are. especially if you’re venturing into this crazy world that is entrepreneurship. with that being said, let’s dive in and discover what may work for you.

coping mechanisms

  1. celebrate your achievements to remind yourself that you are capable. writing down everything you have accomplished and how you got to where you are now is a great way to appreciate yourself and recognize your development. it helps you to remember that you deserve and have worked hard for everything you’ve achieved and will achieve. value your efforts, admire them, and allow yourself to be happy about it.
  1. have a support network. sometimes, all we need is to talk to people who will help us. whether it’s talking to friends who will lift you up and remind you that you deserve everything you have or talking to other women who might be going through similar situations. sharing these experiences reminds you that you are not alone in this.
  1. stop comparing yourself. this may be one of the more powerful steps. sometimes, seeing someone else succeed leads us to think we’re not enough because someone else seems to be. but impressions are fake. there’s also probably someone else wishing they had the confidence or the skills you think you don’t have. so focus on yourself and your improvement rather than others.
  1. get out of social media and put your focus on other things. we often only see the good, bright, and successful side of people, especially with social media. but they’re not posting all of the late nights they were questioning themselves too, just the promotion they got. so CLOSE THAT APP and go do something you like. see a movie, do a workout, enjoy a good coffee outside on a beautiful day, free your mind a little, let it rest.

there’s actually infinite content when it comes to imposter syndrome, and everyone deals with it differently. but if i can tell you one thing, it is this: you’re doing ok, keep going!


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